Ukulele Downloads

I am currently working on uploading some of my wide range of arrangements onto Sheet Music Plus for sale. Go to the site and search for Steph Payne (arranger) and you can then find the list of available ukulele arrangements. Search my name here.

Over the years I’ve released some arrangements publicly and they are here for you to download for free, or if you would like to make a financial gesture, though you are not obligated at all, here is how.

Also, please join my mailing list. I occasionally send the list a PDF arrangement and I also plan to run a course or two specifically for ukulele teachers, where I will teach a set of my ensemble arrangements that you’ll then be licensed to teach your ensemble. I’m working on putting that together now.

Funeral March – a Halloween duet.

Chariots of Fire – for ukulele quartets.

Somebody That I Used To Know – for contemporary ukulele bands.

The Last Post – solo ukulele.

The Skye Boat Song – for ukulele trios.