Private Ukulele Lessons

Private Lessons – in person. 
Some one on one coaching can really help support your musical development.

What would you like to learn? To strum along while you sing the melodies? To be ready to join a sing ‘n’ strum group? To get passed being a beginner? To learn about music broadly? To be the next Jake Shimabukuro? 

Contact Steph to discuss your particular needs, interests and goals for vocal or ukulele private lessons. Learning and practice materials will be provided.

Most one on one tutorials go for 45 minutes. This can be negotiated.

I teach a wide range of skills including:
Chord shapes and strumming rhythms
Fingerpicking patterns
Picking melodies
Chord melody (solo playing)
Reading sheet music
Singing while strumming
Singing generally
Performance skills
Tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of your ukulele

Feedback form question: What have you enjoyed about the Friday sessions? “Learning new uke stuff; Steph’s cheery personality; sense of community in a time of isolation.” Anonymous participant following the Online Ukulele Jam Course for beginners. 29/5/2020