Uke Heads by James Hill

I’ve always seen ukulele as kind of a low-tech instrument but since two years of zooming, recording and world-wide online collaborations, technology is now a huge part of ukulele life. James Hill’s new project, Uke Heads is taking this to a whole new level! 

As many of you know, I’m a volunteer mentor for JHUI, James Hill’s ukulele teacher training program and we were granted a Uke Heads sneak-peak and early access. Thank you James! I’m excited to be a part of this fantastic project and can’t wait for the next step to begin.

My fellow mentor Gary explains this project well – “There have been a lot of crowd-based recordings during the pandemic, but this project is different in that participating as a Uke Head is essentially part of crowd-funding the album and supporting the artist. And participating comes with a number of benefits like online workshops with James, exclusive merch, and the opportunity to record on future singles.”

Introducing my own Uke Head – an NFT owned exclusively by me that grants me the privellege of participating on James’ upcoming new album.

“Rebel, Rebel”

As I scrolled through the hundreds of unique Uke Heads available in the catalogue, my eye was drawn to this one – I call my Uke Head “Rebel, Rebel”. Why this one?

  • My favourite colour is red
  • The black ukulele resembles my Concert Kala Waterman, on which I have a red strap
  • Love a Bowie lightning bolt 
  • Pirate hat – because all artists are rebellious
  • Surprising feminine pearls (because I can be all of the above as a strong woman. If I want to wear pretty pearls with a black and red flared Ziggy Stardust body suit and a pirate hook, I WILL!)

You learn a lot about people by their Uke Head choice! 

Want to join us all on the journey?

The Uke Heads website is here.

More Uke Heads information on James’ podcast is in this episode.

And there have been a few YouTube Q&A’s about it.

So, which Uke Head are you?

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