UkeTech – Music Literacy

UkeTech – Online and in-person

Work your way through Ukulele In The Classroom books 1-3 with a fully qualified James Hill Ukulele Initiative teacher.

Starting with melodies, we’ll learn picking & strumming, gently learn to read music, play duets, build chords & see why the humble ukulele is awesome!!!

Ukulele is often a gateway instrument. It’s easy to start and with this technique, you will learn music literacy skills that transfer to any other instrument.

Mondays 8pm – Usually in person but currently online.
Run by school terms.
You will need:
– A suitable ukulele. It needs to be able to hold its tuning and be the right size for you. The cheap coloured ones are unable to hold up but entrance level ukuleles start at under $100.
– An electronic tuner (or tuning app like the Kala Ukulele one)
– To download and print the free text (link will be provided)

Note: New ukuleles come standard with C6 tuning and have a High G string. That is fine at the start but eventually you will need to swap the High for a Low G string for this course.

There is not a new term of class scheduled but please email to let me know you’re interested in being on the waiting list for the next sessions.

“It’s nice seeing people of varying ages participate in learning how to play the ukulele. The teacher has a good pace and reviews the previous lesson or chords. I really enjoy it.” Anonymous participant’s feedback form following the Online Ukulele Jam Course for beginners. 22/5/2020.