School and Corporate Enquiries

Playing music promotes wellness, teamwork, focus, morale, confidence, expression, stress relief, fun and can start a healthy hobby that can last a lifetime. Within 45 minutes participants will be singing like a choir or strumming their way through entire songs on the ukulele.

Corporate Enquiries

I offer

  • Conference workshops
  • In-house workshops
  • On-going workplace choirs
  • On-going workplace ukulele groups

Music Benefits

  • Team building
  • Reviving focus
  • Increase morale
  • Stronger connection with the workplace. 
  • Promote cohesion between co-workers
  • Entertain at company events

Improve Presentation Skills

  • Vocal health
  • Voice projection
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Overcoming nerves

School Enquiries

Learning music makes you smarter*! Children who study music develop better literacy, numeracy and social skills.
Ukuleles are accessible, affordable, easy to start, popular with kids, portable, flexible, capable of simple beauty, capable of complex and skilled intricacy and they are much nicer to hear than 20 recorders!

*Read research article about music in schools.

Private lessons or group lessons during school hours at your school or classroom teaching is possible.

We supply up to 50 Ukuleles.
Quality Mahogany Ukuleles with straps fitted, in the three traditional sizes. Tenor, Concert and Soprano. Participants may also supply their own.