Circle Singing

Vocal Improvisation Sessions

Following the fabulous feedback from our beautiful exploration sessions in 2023, we now have a monthly meet-up planned in Footscray. We’d love for you to join us.

Kai Whyte and Steph Payne will facilitate our vocal improvising in the circlesong tradition.

We are exploring our voices and creating music in the moment. It’s easier than you think so come and give it a try. Experience a beautiful range of musically induced magic – it’s relaxing, meditative, exciting, creative and joyful. We’ll teach you how.

Body Voice Centre – 60 Wolverhampton St, Footscray.

3-4pm on the Fourth Saturday of each month

27 April 2024

25 May 2024

22 June 2024

27 July 2024

24 August 2024

28 September 2024

26 October 2024

23 November 2024

No December session

No experience is required! 

No need to book! $10/$5 at the door.