Daisy Chains

The Daisy Chains are a chamber ukulele quintet, playing instrumental music from a range of cultures and genres. In our performances, you could hear everything from gypsy tunes, a medieval dance, a classical minuet, a baroque concerto, Australian folk tunes through to a jazz standard and a gospel anthem.

Steph Payne (Musical Director)
Brenda Stork
Jenny Arnold
Catherine Sphery

Garry Wood

We have performed at the Newkelele (Newcastle Ukulele Festival), Newport Folk Festival, Melbourne Ukulele Festival, Red Arcade in Werribee, Unstrung Music Showcases, Eco-living Centre High Tea (Wyndham Vale), Williamstown Botanical Gardens.

To book the Daisy Chains to perform, please email unstrungmusic@gmail.com

Daisy Chains at MUF 2023.

What would Mozart have to say about the music of today?
His music did not rock nor roll, but rather broken hearts console.
What will one hear at this festival? Tunes that ring historical!
Audiences gathers among sweet daisies as minstrels strum their ukuleles.
Come gather friends on the garden grounds and picnic as you enjoy the sounds,
Of music classical, world and more, arranged in parts of three or four.
Melodies of olde world charm, provideth pleasant, soothing balm.